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North American FJ-1 (F-1) Fury

The FJ was a relative of the F-86 Sabre, but the relationship between the types was far more complex than one being a derivative of another. The FJ-1 was the straight-winged ancestor of the F-86, and because its performance was disappointing only 31 were built and it had a brief service life. The FJ-2 was completely different, a novelized version of the F-86E. 200 were built, but all delivered to the USMC for shore-based operation. The later FJ-3 was a further development, powered by the J65 (the British Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire). It had a deeper fuselage and folding wings. 538 were built. The FJ-4 again had very little in common with its precursors: both wing and fuselage were completely new. 372 were built
General characteristics FJ-4 Fury
Power plant One Wright J65-W-16A turbofan
Thrust 7,716 lb 34.3 kN
Wingspan 39.1 ft 11.92 m
Length 36.35 ft 11.08 m
Height 13.9 ft 4.24 m
Weight FJ-4 empty 13,230 lb 6,000 kg
maximum 23,590 lb 10,700 kg
FJ-4B empty 13,760 lb 6,240 kg
maximum 28,000 lb 12,700 kg
Max. speed 677 mph 1,090 km/h
Ceiling 46,800 ft 14,270 m
Initial climb rate 7,546 ft/min 2,300 m/min
Range normal 1,490 miles 2,400 km
with ext. tanks 2,020 miles 3,250 km
Combat radius 516-840 miles 830-1,350 km

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