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Lockheed P-58 Chain Lightning

Long-term development of P-38. Numerous changes of requirements and engines resulted in a waste of money and excessively long development. It finally emerged as a high-altitude bomber destroyer, with turbosupercharged engines, aft-facing dorsal and ventral gun turrets, and interchangeable forward-firing armament of four 37mm cannon or one 75mm cannon and two 12.7mm machine guns. Only one, unarmed, prototype was built.
General characteristics XP-58
Primary function Fighter
Power plant Two Allison V-3420-11/13 engines
Wingspan 70 ft 21.34 m
Length 49.4 ft 15.06 m
Height 13.6 ft 4.14 m
Wingarea 600 sq ft 55.74 sq m
Weight empty 31,652 lb 14,357 kg
max. 45,040 lb 20,430 kg
Max. speed 436 mph 702 km/h
Ceiling 38,400 ft 11,704 m
Max. range 2,650 miles 4,265 km
Armament 4x 37mm cannon, 4x 12.7mm machine gun, up to 4,000 lb bombs
Crew Two
Date deployed 1944

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