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Bell P-63 Kingcobra

The P-63 inherited the general layout of the P-39 Airacobra, but was totally redesigned. It had an engine with a two-stage supercharger and a laminar flow wing, in an attempt to improve high-altitude performance. Superior fighters were already in service, and the P-63 had a too small combat radius. The USAAF bought few P-63s and never used them in combat. Most production aircraft (2421) were lend-leased to the USSR. The USAAF did buy the bizarre RP-63, a manned aerial target, well-armoured to resist the hits of special, frangible bullets!
General characteristics P-63A
Primary function Fighter/bomber
Contractor Bell Aircraft Corp.
Power plant One Allison V-1710-93 engine
Thrust 1,308 HP 975kW
Wingspan 38.3 ft 11.68 m
Length 32.7 ft 9.96 m
Height 12.6 ft 3.84 m
Wingarea 248 sq ft 23.04 sq m
Weight empty 6,376 lb 2,892 kg
max. 10,500 lb 4,763 kg
Max. speed 410 mph 660 km/h
Ceiling 43,000 ft 13,100 m
Max. range 2,575 miles 4,143 km
Armament 1x 37mm cannon, 4x 12.7mm machine guns, 3x 227 kg bombs
Crew One
First flight December 7, 1942
Date deployed 1943
Number built 3,303

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