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Douglas P-70

The P-70 was developed, in 1942, from the Douglas A-20 "Havoc" for use by the Army Air Corps to fill an urgent need for a night fighter until the first scheduled deliveries of the Northrop P-61 "Black Widow" in 1943.
The British first used the modified A-20 as a night fighter (Havoc II) and met with some success. The AAF followed suit and modified an A-20 by installing radar and four 20mm cannon in a fuselage pod. The glass nose section of the A-20 was simply painted black in a P-70.
When the P-61 deliveries began, the P-70s were gradually taken out of combat service and used primarily as trainers.
General characteristics P-70
Primary function Nightfighter
Power plant Two Wright R-2600-11 radial engines
Thrust 2x 1,600 HP 2x 1,193 kW
Wingspan 61.3 ft 18.69 m
Length 47.6 ft 14.50 m
Height 17.6 ft 5.36 m
Wingarea 464 sq ft 43.11 sq m
Weight empty 16,045 lb 7,278 kg
max. 21,283 lb 9,654 kg
Speed 329 mph 529 km/h
Ceiling 28,250 ft 8,611 m
Range 1,060 miles 1,706 km
Armament 4x 20mm cannon
Date deployed 1942
Number converted 240

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