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General Motors / Fisher P-75 Eagle

GM tried to build a long-range fighter, that used parts of the P-40 (wings), A-24 (army version of the SBD Dauntless dive-bomber - tail) and F4U (gear). This "Frankenstein" aircraft was powered by the Allison V-3420, a 24-cylinder engine that was created by coupling two V-1710 engines. This was installed behind the cockpit, and drove contra-rotating propellers in the nose by an extension shaft. The P-75 was a qualified success, after a lot of redesign. Performance was disappointing, however, and better escort aircraft were already in service.
General characteristics XP-75
Primary function Fighter
Power plant One Allison V-3420-23 engine
Thrust 3,916 HP 2,920 kW
Wingspan 49.3 ft 15.04 m
Length 40.4 ft 12.32 m
Height 15.5 ft 4.72 m
Wingarea 347 sq ft 32.24 sq m
Weight empty 11,506 lb 5,219 kg
max. 18,226 lb 8,267 kg
Max. speed 433 mph 697 km/h
Ceiling 36,420 ft 11,100 m
Max. range 2,050 miles 3,300 km
Armament 10x 12.7mm machine gun, 2x 500 lb bombs
Crew One
First flight November 17, 1943
Number built 14

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