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AGM-123 Skipper II

The AGM-123 "Skipper II" is a laser-guided standoff anti-ship missile based on existing missile and bomb components. The body of the Skipper is a standard Mk 83 1,000 lb. general purpose bomb. The rocket motor is derived from the AGM-45 Shrike anti-radar missile. The seeker is based on the laser-guided Paveway II series of guided precision bombs. The first combat seen by the Skipper was on April 18, 1988, when a US Navy A-6 Intruder struck the Iranian frigate Sahand with an AGM-123 after the ship engaged US Navy ships in the Strait of Hormuz. The Sahand was also hit by an AGM-84 Harpoon and a surface-launched RGM-84. The Sahand did not survive this engagement.
The Skipper was initially operational in 1985.
General characteristics
Primary function Laser-guided standoff anti-ship missile
Contractor Emerson Electric
Weight missile 1,283 lb 582 kg
warhead 1,000 lb 454 kg
Length 14 ft 4.27 m
Wingspan 5.3 ft 1.61 m
Guidance Laser-guided semi-active
Power plant Aerojet General solid-fuel booster
Speed 575 mph 925 km/h
Range 6 miles 9.6 km
Warhead Conventional high-explosive with FMU-376 fuse

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