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Vought TBU

This torpedo bomber was designed by Vought to compete with the Grumman TBF. The TBF was preferred mainly because Vought was already preoccupied with the F4U. Later the aircraft was reconsidered, and Vultee was tasked with the production. The production version was then renamed TBY.
General characteristics XTBU-1
Primary function Torpedo bomber
Power plant One Pratt&Whitney R-26900-6 engine
Thrust 1,850 HP 1,380 kW
Wingspan 57.2 ft 17.42 m
Length 39 ft 11.89 m
Height 18.6 ft 5.66 m
Wingarea 439 sq ft 40.78 sq m
Weight empty 10,502 lb 4,764 kg
max. 16,250 lb 7,370 kg
Speed 311 mph 500 km/h
Ceiling 27,890 ft 8,500 m
Range 1,400 miles 2,250 km
Armament 2x12.7mm and 1x7.7mm machine gun; 910 kg torpedo
Crew Three
Date deployed 1941

Jirka Wagner (If you find some other photo send it to me please)


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