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Abbreviations related to
military aviation

WW2 tanks

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created by Jirka Wagner

- J -

  • J&A- Justification Approval
  • JAA- Joint Aviation Authorities
  • JAAT - Joint Air Attack Team
  • JAG- Judge Advocate General
  • JAMRASM- Joint Advanced Medium Range Anti-Ship Missile
  • JAN- Joint Army and Navy
  • JANAF- Joint Army-Navy-Air Force
  • JANNAP- Joint Army-Navy-NASA & Air Force Publication
  • JAR- Joint Aviation Requirement
  • JAR-FCL- JAR on Flight Crew Licensing
  • JASMMM- Joint Aviation Supply and Maintenance Material Management
  • JASSM- Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile
  • JAST- Joint Advanced Strike Technology
  • JATO- Jet-Assisted Take-Off
  • JAWS- Joint Air-Launched Weapons Task Group
  • JBD- Jet Blast Deflector
  • JCL- Job Control Language
  • JCMPO- Joint Cruise Missile Program Office
  • JCN- Job Control Number
  • JCP- Joint Committee on Printing
  • JCS- Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • JDA- Joint Deployment Agency
  • JDAM- Joint Direct Attack Munitions
  • JDC- Joint Deployment Community
  • JDMAG- Joint Depot Maintenance Analysis Group
  • JDP- Joint Development Plan
  • JET- Jamming Exceeds Threshold
  • JFACC - Joint Force Air Component Commander.
  • JFC - Joint Force Commander.
  • JFM- Joint Force Memorandum
  • JHMCS- Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System
  • JHU/APL- Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
  • JIC- Joint Intelligence Center
  • JIEP- Joint Intelligence Estimate for Planning
  • JIFDATS- Joint Services In-Flight Data Transmission System
  • JIL- Joint Interest List
  • JIMPACS- Joint Improved Multi-Mission Payload Aerial Surveillance Combat Survivable
  • JIT- Just-in-Time
  • JLC- Joint Logistics Commander
  • JLRB- Joint Logistics Review Board
  • JLRSS- Joint Long Range Strategic Study
  • JMET- Joint Maintainability Evaluation Team
  • JMO(AIR) - Joint Maritime Operations (AIR).
  • JMSNS- Justification of Major System New Starts (Formerly MENS, replaced by MNS)
  • JOA- Joint Operating Agreement
  • JOAP- Joint oil Analysis Program
  • JOCG- Joint Ordnance Commanders Group
  • JOG- Joint Operational Geographic
  • JON- Job Order Number
  • JOOD- Junior Officer of the Deck
  • JOP- Joint Operating Procedure
  • JOPES- Joint Operational Planning and Execution System
  • JOR- Joint Operational Requirements
  • JOTS- Joint Operational Tactical System
  • JOVIAL- Jules Own Version of International Algebraic Language
  • JP- Jet Propelled
  • JP-S- Standard Military Jet Fuel
  • JPA- Job Performance Aid(s)
  • JPASC- Joint Pacific Area Scheduling Office
  • JPATS - Joint Primary Aircraft Training System
  • JPCG- Joint Policy Coordinating Group
  • JPG- Job Performance Guide
  • JPL- Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • JRDOD- Joint Research and Development Objectives Document
  • JRME- Joint Requirements and Management Board
  • JRMET- Joint Reliability and Maintainability Evaluation Team
  • JRTC- Joint Readiness Training Center
  • J/S- Jamming to Signal Ratio
  • JSBP- Joint Service Business Plan
  • JSC- Johnson Space Center (NASA)
  • JSCP- Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
  • JSD- Joint Service Depot
  • JSF- Joint Strike Fighter
  • JSL- Joint Stock List
  • JSN- Job Sequence Number
  • JSOP- Joint System Objective Plan
  • JSOR- Joint Service Operational Requirement
  • JSOW- Joint Standoff Weapon
  • JSPD- Joint Strategic Planning Document
  • JSPO- Joint Systems Project Office; Joint Service Program Office
  • JSTARS- Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
  • JSTM- Joint Service Technical Manual
  • JTB- Joint Transportation Board
  • JTCG-DMI- Joint Technical Coordinating Group on Depot Maintenance Interservicing
  • JTCG/MD- Joint Technical Coordination Group for Munitions Development
  • JTF- Joint Test Force; Joint Task Force
  • JTFEX- Joint Task Force Exercise
  • JTFP- Joint Tactical Fusion Program
  • JTIDS- Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
  • JUMPS- Joint Uniform Military Pay System
  • JUSMAG- Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group
  • JUSTIS- Joint Uniformed Services Technical Information System


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