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Abbreviations related to
military aviation


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created by Jirka Wagner

- R -

R- Radio; Right
RA- Radio Altitude (or Altimeter); Resolution Advisory
RAA- Regional Airline Association
RAD- Ram Air Door; Roll Anticipation Distance
RADAR- Radio Detection And Ranging
RAH- Reconnaissance/Attack Helicopter
RAIM- Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (GPS)
RAM- Radar Absorbent Materials; Rolling Airframe Missile; Random Access Memory
R&S- Reconnaissance and Surveillance
RATO - Rocket-Assisted Take-Off
RBN- Radio Beacon
RCC - Rescue Coordination Center
RCCB- Remote Control Circuit Breaker
RCS - Radar Cross-Section
RCVR- Receiver
RDDMI- Radio Digital Distance Magnetic Indicator
RDI - Radio Direction Indicator
RDJTF - Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force
RECCE - Reconnaissance
RED - Risk Estimate; Reduction
REF- Reference
REI- Right Emergency Isolation Relay
REV- Reverse; Revise
RF - Radio Frequency
RFC- Reverse Flow Check
RH- Right Hand
RLG - Ring Laser Gyro
RLS- Right Line Select Key; Remote Light Sensor
RLT - Regional Landing Team
Rmax - Maximum weapons range
RMI - Radio Magnetic Indicator
Rmin - Minimum weapons range
RMP- Reversible Motor Pump
RNG- Range
RNP- Required Navigation Performance
ROB- Right Outboard
ROCC - Regional Operations Control Center
ROE - Rules of Engagement
ROM - Read Only Memory
Ro-Ro - Roll-On, Roll-Off
ROTC - Reserve Officer Training Corps
R0WPU - Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
ROZ - Restricted Operating Zone (NATO
RPM- Revolutions Per Minute
RPU - Rear Power Unit
RPV - Remote-Piloted Vehicle
RRF- Ready Reserve Fleet
RST- Reset
RSV- Reserves
R/T - Receiver/Transmitter
RTA - Required Time of Arrival
RTB - Return To Base; Recruit Training Battalion
RTE- Route
RTR- Recruit Training Regiment
RTS- Request to Send; Return to Service
RVDT- Rotary Variable Differential Transducer
RVR - Runway Visual Range
RVT- Rotational Varible Transformer
RVMS - Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums
RWR - Radar Warning Receiver
RWS - Radar Warning Systém; Range While Search
RWY- Runway


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