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Abbreviations related to
military aviation

WW2 tanks

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created by Jirka Wagner

- O -

  • O- Organizational; Obsolescent (Equipment)
  • OA- Operational Assist
  • OAB- Outer Air Battle
  • OAD- Operational Active Date
  • OADR- Originating Agency Determination Re qu i red
  • OALC- Ogden Air Logistic Center
  • OAR- Open Action Report
  • OAS- Organization of American States; Office of the Assistant Secretary (Navy)(Defense); Office Automation System; Offensive Air Support
  • OASD- Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
  • OAT- Outside Air Temperature
  • OAV - Organic Air Vehicle
  • OB- Operating Budget
  • OBC- On-Board Checkout
  • OBE- Overcome By Events
  • OBEWS- On-Board Electronics Warfare Simulator
  • OBOGS- On-board Oxygen Generating System
  • OBRP- On-Board Repair Parts
  • OBS- Obsolete; On-Board System
  • OBT- On-Board Training; Operations Directive
  • OBY- Observer Bay
  • OC- Operations Conductor; Over Current
  • OCA- Offensive Counter Air
  • OCAS- Ordnance Configuration Accounting System
  • OCAMA- Oklahoma City Air Material Area (USAF)
  • OCB- Office of Naval Technology Corporate Board
  • OCC- Operation Control Center
  • OCDN- Order for Correction of Defect or Non- conformance
  • OCE- Officer Conducting the Exercise
  • OC/IR- Out of Commission-In Reserve
  • OCL- Operators Check List
  • OCM- Oil content monitor
  • OCMM- Office of Civilian Manpower Management
  • OCONUS- Outside The Continental United States
  • OCP- Office of Civilian Personnel
  • OCR- Optical Character Reader; On-Line Configuration Retrieval
  • OCS- USMC Officer Candidate School
  • OD- Ordnance Data; Ordnance Directive; Operations Directive; Optical Digital Data Disk; Outer Diameter
  • ODA- Office Document Architecture
  • ODC- Other Direct Costs; Office of Deputy Comptroller
  • ODDR&E- Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering
  • ODIF- Office Document Interchange Format
  • ODM- Operational Development Model
  • ODS- Operational Display System
  • OE- Over Excitation
  • OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • OEP- Office of Emergency Planning
  • OESO- Ordnance Environmental Support Office
  • OF- Over Frequency
  • OFC- OPTAR Functional Category
  • OFD- Operational Flow Program
  • OFF- Officer
  • OFP- Operational Flight Program
  • OFPP- Office of Federal Procurement Policy
  • OFST- Offset
  • OFT- Operational Flight Trainer
  • OF/WST- Operation Flight/Weapons System Training
  • OGC- Office of the General Counsel
  • OGE- Operating Ground Equipment
  • OGV- Outlet Guide Vanes
  • OHS- Oil or Hazardous Substance
  • OHSAT- Ordnance Handling Safety and Assistance Team
  • OIC- Officer in Charge
  • OICC- Operational Integrated Logistics Support
  • OILS- Operational Integrated Logistics Support
  • OINC- Officer in Charge
  • OJT- On the Job Training
  • "O" Level- Organizational Level Maintenance
  • OLA- Office of Legislative Affairs
  • OLMT- Organizational Level Maintenance Trainer
  • OLP- Off Line Processor
  • OLS- Optical Landing System; Operational Logistics Support
  • OLSP- Operational Logistic Support Plan
  • OLSS- Operational Logistic Support Summary
  • O&M- Operations and Maintenance
  • OM- Outer Marker
  • OMA- Organizational Maintenance Activity
  • OMB- Office of Management and Budget
  • OMCR- Organized Marine Corps Reserve
  • OMD- Operations Maintenance Division
  • OMI- Office of Management Information
  • OMMIC- Ordnance Maintenance Management Information Center
  • O&M,N- Operation and Maintenance, Navy
  • OMNI- Omnidirectional
  • OMS- Ordnance Management System; On-Board Maintenance System
  • OMV- Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle
  • ONAS- Office of Naval Acquisition Support
  • ONC- Operational Navigation Chart
  • ONR- Office of Naval Research
  • ONT- Office of Naval Technology
  • OO- Operational Objective
  • OO-ALC- Air Logistics Center, Ogden Utah
  • OOB- Order of Battle
  • OOD- Officer of the Day/Deck
  • OOLD- Out of Line Device
  • OOM- Open Ocean Missile
  • OP- Ordnance Pamphlet; Ordnance Publication; Operational; Open Phase
  • OPA- Office of Program Appraisal (SECNAV)
  • OPC- Operations Process Chart
  • OPCON- Operational Control
  • OPDOC- Operational Document
  • OPEVAL- Operational Evaluation
  • OPFOR- Opposing Force
  • OPINTELL- Operational Intelligence
  • OPM- Office of Personnel Management
  • OPN- Other Procurement, Navy
  • OPNAV- Office of the Chief Naval Operations; Chief of Naval Operations
  • OPNAVINST- Chief of Naval Operations Instruction
  • OP-OON- Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program
  • OPORD- Operation Order
  • OPS- Operations; Operating Hours
  • OPT- Optimum
  • ORT- Owner Requirements Table
  • OSG- Overspeed Governor (Mechanical N2)
  • OTH- Over-The-Horizon
  • OUT- Outbound
  • OUTBD- Outboard
  • OV- Over Voltage
  • OVHT- Overheat
  • OVRD- Override


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