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Abbreviations related to
military aviation

WW2 tanks

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created by Jirka Wagner

- K -

  • KASS- Keyport Automated Shipping System (Keyport, WA.)
  • K- thousand (Kilo)
  • KB- Keyboard
  • KBD- Keyboard
  • KBU- Cluster Bomb, Unit, Simulated
  • KCAS- Knots, Calibrated Airspeed
  • KCN- Kit Control Number
  • KE - Kinetic Energy
  • KEK- Key Encrypting Key
  • KEW- Kinetic Energy Weapons
  • KFL- Key Facilities List
  • Kg- Kilogram
  • KHz- Kilohertz
  • KIA- Killed In Action
  • KIAS- Knots Indicated Airspeed
  • KIN- Kit Identification Number
  • KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid
  • KITE- Kinetic Kill Vehicle Integrated Technology Experiment
  • KKV- Kinetic Kill Vehicle
  • KMN- Key Milestone Network
  • KN- Kit Number
  • KO- Contracting Officer (also CO)
  • KOH- Potassium Hydroxide
  • KP- Keypunch
  • KR- Contractor
  • KSC- Kennedy Space Center (NASA)
  • KSN- Kit Stock Number
  • KSR- Keyboard Send/Receive
  • KT- Knots; Contract
  • KTAS- Knots, True Air Speed
  • KTS- Knots
  • KVA- Kilovolt-ampere
  • KVS- kV Standards
  • KVYT- Keyboard Visual Display Terminal
  • KW- Kilowatt


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