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Abbreviations related to
military aviation

WW2 tanks

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created by Jirka Wagner

- W -

  • W- Rate of Flow (ExPressed as Weight of Flow); Weight; West
  • WA- Rate of Airflow
  • WAAS- Wide Area Augmentation System
  • WACQ - Wide Acquisition
  • WAF- Rate of Fan Airflow
  • WAIV- Wing Anti-Ice Valve
  • WAN- Wide-Area Network
  • WAP- Rate of Primary Airflow
  • WAS- Women At Sea
  • WBS- Weight and Balance System
  • WC - Weapons Controller
  • WC^3 - Warning, Command, Control, and Communications
  • WCO- Weapons Control Officer
  • WD - Weapons Director
  • WIG - Wing In Ground-effect
  • Wild Weasel - Dedicated radar defense suppression aircraft
  • WIP- Workl In Progress
  • WL- Warfighting Laboratory
  • WOC - Wing Operations Center
  • WORM- Write-Once/Read Many
  • WPT - Waypoint
  • WRN- Warning
  • WS – Weapons System; Windshear
  • WS (A/I)- Windshield (Anti Ice)
  • WSEP- Water Seperator
  • WSIP - Weapons System Improvement Programme
  • WSO - Weapon Systems Officer
  • WT- Weight
  • WTB- Weapons Training Battalion
  • WX- Weather
  • WXR- Weather Radar


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