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Abbreviations related to
military aviation

WW2 tanks

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created by Jirka Wagner

- V -

  • V- Volt
  • V1- Critical Engine Failure Speed
  • V2- Take Off Safety Speed
  • V3- Flap Retraction Speed
  • V4- Slat Rectraction Speed
  • VAC- Volts, Alternating Current
  • VACQ - Vertical Acquisition
  • VANG- Virginia Air National Guard
  • VAR- Volt Ampere Reactive
  • VASI- Visual Approach Slope Indicator
  • VBV- Variable Bleed Valve
  • Vc- Design Cruising Speed
  • Vd- Design Diving Speed
  • VDC- Volts, Direct Current
  • VDEV- Vertical Deviation
  • VDGS - Visual Docking Guidance System
  • VDL- VHF Data Link
  • VDR- VHF Data Radio
  • V-E Day - Day of Victory in Europe (8.5.1945)
  • VEL- Velocity
  • VERT- Vertical
  • VERTREP- Vertical-Replenishment
  • VERT REV- Vertical Revise
  • Vf- Design Flap Speed
  • VFE- Maximum Landing Gear Extended Speed
  • VFR - Visual Flight Rules
  • VFTO- Final Take Off Velocity
  • VG - Variable Geometry; Vertical Gyro
  • VG/DG- Vertical Gyro/Directional Gyro
  • VHF- Very High Frequency
  • VI- Heading to an Intercept
  • VIB- Vibration
  • VID - Visual IDentification
  • VIFF - Vectoring in Forward Flight
  • V-J Day - Day of Victory in Japan 14. 8. 1945)
  • Vk - Target velocity
  • VLO - Very Low Observable
  • VLS - Vertical Launch System
  • VLSIC- Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit
  • VLV- Valve
  • VM- Heading with a Manual termination
  • Vmax - Maximum Operating Speed (maximum possible speed for that altitude)
  • Vmaxp - Maximum sustainable speed for a given altitude
  • VMC - Visual Meteorological Conditions
  • Vmc - Minimum Control Speed with the Critical Engine Inoperative (practical maneuvering cruise speed)
  • Vmin - Minimum Operating Speed (slowest practical speed)
  • VNAV- Vertical Navigation
  • Vne- Never Exceed Speed
  • VOR- VHF Omnidirectional Range
  • VORTAC- Combined VOR and Tacan system
  • VS - Velocity Search
  • VSI- Vertical Speed Indicator
  • V/STOL - Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing
  • Vr- Rotation Speed
  • VR- Heading to a Radial; Rotation Speed; Voltage Regulator
  • Vso- Stalling Speed or Minimum Steady Flight Speed in a Landing Configuration
  • VSV- Variable Stator Vanes
  • VTN- Variable Turbine Nozzle
  • VTO - Vertical Take-Off
  • VTOL - Vertical Take-Off and Landing
  • VZ- Velocity, jet nozzle


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