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Abbreviations related to
military aviation

WW2 tanks

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created by Jirka Wagner

– Q –

  • QAD- Quick Attach/Detach
  • QAR- Quick Access Recorder
  • QDM- Homing Track to a station (Q-code)
  • QDR- Homing Track from a station (Q-code)
  • QFE - Question Field Elevation - Field Elevation Pressure (Q-code)
  • QGO- Airport Closed (Q-code)
  • QMA - Qualified Military Applicant
  • QNE- Question Normal Elevation - Standard Pressure (1013 hPa)(Q-code)
  • QNH - Question Normal Heigth - Sea Level Pressure(Q-code)
  • QTY- Quantity


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